attention: guided walks for individuals

attention: guided walks for individuals

Sünbül Karakaya in de winkel van haar vader ‘Berbat’, jaren 1980 – collectie Sünbül Karakaya

Every last Sunday of the month, individuals can sign up for a ‘Sticking Around’ guided walk (in Dutch). On August 31st, you can talk the walk in English!

Sticking around
Your guide introduces you to some notable figures from Ghent’s migration past. Meet ‘the Turkish festival mayor’ of the 1970s, French ‘Marie and her whistle’, ‘old Zangrando’ and many others. They all had their own reasons for sticking around in Ghent. A walk about people, full of poignant stories and piquant anecdotes.

  • start: 14.00 at The House of Alijn
  • lasts: around 90 minutes (ends at Sint-Veerleplein)
  • price: €5
  • sign up: via BOEKjeBEZOEK
  • T + 32 (0)9 269 87 59
  • mail: boekjebezoek [at] gent [dot] be
  • sign up for the guided walk by 15:00 the Friday beforehand at the latest

guided walk in Dutch

also available in other languages

Every month, the guided walk is also offered in one other language:

  • 25 May: also in ITALIAN
  • 29 June: also in ENGLISH
  • 27 July: also in TURKISH
  • 31 August: also in ENGLISH
  • 28 September: also in SPANISH
  • 26 October: also in ITALIAN