The Italian ice-cream maker Giorgio knows it for sure: everything that’s delicious and good in Ghent comes from Italy. Giorgio shows us the way through Italian Ghent, from the Mokabon to the Veneziana. Which tales of migration lie behind these Ghent success stories?

€ 5/audio-guide
on foot through the centre to Woodrow Wilson Square
start and finish: The House of Alijn

lasts: 90 minutes
available in Dutch/Italian

Audio-trails and route plans are available from
The House of Alijn (open Tue-Sat: 11.00-17.30, Sun: 10.00-17.30).
€1 reduction when you show your ticket to the Géricault (MSK) and Straffe Gasten (MIAT) exhibitions and vice versa.

You can also download this audio-trail and route plan (€3.99):